Little Red Riding Hood, the Idyll and Emotional Hunger

From a psychological point of view, Little Red Riding Hood suffers from „unbalanced mental malnutrition“ until the wolf appears. And this malnutrition is physically and mentally a so-called starvation-disease.
Everyone loves Little Red Riding Hood, especially grandmother, because she is such a sweet girl. She gives her a red riding hood, which it now wears all the time and which gives her its name, and it always feels enveloped and protected. It lives with her mother in an idyll, but we know that idylls aren’t right because something is missing, because they are maintained through repression.

English Version: Snow White – Curse and Blessing of Beauty

Beauty cannot protect Snowwhite against envy and resentment, which arise in men, especially in women, because they can‘t stand the natural, undeserved beauty of other women – why is it given to one and withhold to the other, why is fate this unfair? You can face up to bad luck, but not to injustice.  

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